What I am Looking at NOW

2019-03-24 | 13:36:08

I Do Not Know

2019-03-22 | 15:57:32

Hi everyone,

This is my first blog.  I am glad that finally I have the urge to express online.

"How is the real estate market?" This is a very first question a buyer or seller would ask us.  "The market is fantastic:)" this is the anser as a scripted real estate agent.  In reality, the anwer is I Do Not Know.

As a seasoned real estate practioner active in the market for the past 15 years, which peiod of time experienced a second to none market in Candian real estate industry, with numberless factors to consider locally and globelly, honetily predict the market is a futile project.

However, one definitely can choose to believe that we are not binding to this real estate market, because the REAL market is in us.

Happy weekend.

Helena Xu